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The 2023 RTS Growth Initiative

Running a successful team is expensive! We want to be able to provide our top level pros an income that they can rely on, and an income that allows them to focus on what they do best; training and winning. We are also committed to developing the next generation of athletes and pushing hard to promote diversity within our sport. Athletes in this development squad will not be taking home big checks every time they race, and they need the support of a team to help bridge the gap between struggling pro/amateur to top level pro. We are also committed to growing our following amongst age group athletes. Entering a TriClub team and establishing a network of RTS brand ambassadors who will help us grow the brand even further. Continue reading for more information on what we are looking for. 

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Title Sponsor

RTS is looking for a title sponsor to share team naming rights with. This is our top level of support and will put your name up there with ours. 

We are looking for a minimum commitment of 3 years and ideally this partner will be one that has the same core beliefs as us and can offer us help and support to grow RTS even more going forward.


Main Sponsors

Our main sponsors will be those positioned most prominently on our race kits and training kits. These sponsors will get the lion's share of our media output and will feature front and center in everything we do. We are looking for two or three of these partners, and again we want our partners to be involved with helping us grow the team by leveraging their own networks to benefit the team. And they must share the same core values as us. Ideally we are looking for 2+ year relationships here.

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Our partners already come in all shapes and sizes. Some are product partners, some offer race bonuses and others offer small annual stipends coupled with bonuses and product. We love our existing partners, but due to the nature of the business and the volatility we have seen in all industries over the last few years, we know that these partnerships come and go. Our partners will get a marketing presence on our kits and merchandise, and of course will feature in our online marketing material. Our partners are a very important part of our business sustainability as combined they still provide an important portion of our annual budget.


Professional Athletes


Yes we are looking for more professional athletes that wish to join the team. We already have a very successful group of athletes who we love. But we want you, as a pro, to know that our door is always open. If you like us and what we do then there is a good chance that we will like you too. You don’t have to be finishing on the podium every time you race, and you don’t have to be new to the sport. We are always looking for mentors as well as the next GOAT. The most important thing is that you are fun, committed and enjoy what you do.


Age Group Athletes

OK, you can come too!

AG athletes are the backbone of our sport. Without you we probably wouldn’t exist. For the 2023 season we are launching the "RTS Age Group Squad". By joining the squad you will have access to; Our RTS Zwift Club, through which we will host weekend group rides; Our Strava Club, where we will have monthly challenges and a leaderboard; and our Facebook Group, where we will pass out our more frequent communication and keep you up to date with team happenings and meet ups. You will also receive our monthly newsletter which will be packed full of useful training tips and team snippets. You will also receive all of the same discounts that our pros do from our partner products and early access to our camps. We are also offering an amazing opportunity to train online with us using the Velocity platform, through which we will be executing periodized, structured weekly workouts to compliment our weekend group rides.


There is a catch though ;-) As a member of our squad we will expect you to shout from the rooftops about how great we are, use our hashtags (#RTS #RealTriSquad) in your social posting and be an ambassador for us. Also in order to succeed in the IM TriClub rankings we will expect you to sign up as an RTS TriClub athlete when you register for IM events and race as one of us...... Don’t worry race kits will be available.


We cannot wait to have you be part of our team!

- Additional Perks - 

- Access to monthly ZOOM chats with our professionals

- Massive discounts

- Team Camps and Pre-race meet-up

- Access to our team kit & colors 

- Be a guest on our Podcast; The Real Triathlon Podcast

- Discounted Coaching 

- Access to our VELOCITY, pro-led virtual bike sessions

- Gravel cycling camps in Utah

- Podium bonuses (product and financial based on the event)

- Sign up below!


Okay, I want to be part of the 2023 movement.

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