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BiSaddle Named Official Saddle Supplier for Real Triathlon Squad

BiSaddle Teams Up with Real Triathlon Squad (RTS) as Exclusive Bike Saddle Partner


St. George, UT, February 1, 2024 - BiSaddle proudly announces its partnership as the Official Saddle for Real Triathlon Squad (RTS), one of the premier professional triathlon racing teams in the world.


"We are honored to be chosen as the official saddle supplier for Real Triathlon Squad," said Jon Petty, owner of BiSaddle. "Our mission is to design and manufacture the most comfortable and performance-enhancing saddles, empowering athletes to reach their highest aspirations. Partnering with RTS allows us to showcase the effectiveness of our products at the highest levels of competition."


This collaboration marks a significant milestone for BiSaddle, further solidifying its commitment to providing top-quality saddle solutions for athletes across various disciplines. Real Triathlon Squad, known for its roster of elite athletes including Nicholas Chase, Jackson Laundry, Marc Dubrick, Garrick Loewen, Tamara Jewett, Lesley Smith, Nicole Falcaro, and Lisa Becharas, has chosen BiSaddle as its official saddle provider.

"We are excited to partner with BiSaddle as the official saddle supplier for Real Triathlon Squad," said Nicholas Chase, founder and CEO of RTS. "BiSaddle's commitment to innovation and comfort aligns perfectly with our mission to support our athletes with the best equipment available. We believe this partnership will further enhance our performance on the racecourse."

BiSaddle's revolutionary saddle designs, known for their adjustability and comfort, will now be accessible to the elite triathletes of Real Triathlon Squad. The partnership underscores BiSaddle's dedication to catering to the diverse needs of athletes and ensuring an optimal riding experience.

Real Triathlon Squad's commitment to excellence and BiSaddle's dedication to innovation promise an exciting collaboration that will push the boundaries of performance in the triathlon community.

For more information about BiSaddle and its range of saddle solutions, visit

About BiSaddle:

The mission of BiSaddle is straightforward: to eradicate saddle pain for cyclists, enabling them to relish the ride, savor the scenery, concentrate on training, race their best and enjoy moments with friends. BiSaddle sets itself apart with its patented adjustable saddle, enabling athletes to customize their saddle to individual body shapes and preferences, ensuring optimal comfort and performance. Dedicated to enhancing athlete performance and well-being, BiSaddle's commitment to innovation is evident in their production of groundbreaking saddles suitable for various cycling disciplines.


About Real Triathlon Squad:


Real Triathlon Squad, established by Nicholas Chase and Jackson Laundry in 2020, experienced growth under Adam Meredith's leadership in 2022 with the goal of becoming the premier triathlon team globally. RTS collaborates with top coaches and organizations to cultivate growth and excellence in endurance sports. Committed to excellence, RTS provides athletes with top-tier equipment and resources to help them achieve their objectives.


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