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Striking the ultimate balance between weight savings, stability, aerodynamics, and rolling efficiency, the SES 6.7 defines Real-World Fast and raises the bar for modern aero wheel performance

Jackson Laundry

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Nick Chase

Favourite Product:

Lesley Smith

Favourite Product

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For years, this furniture company has provided comfort and versatility. Dubbed, the "ultimate recovery spot", you will want to have a Lovesac or Sactional in your home to really boost recovery after a long day of training. If you would like one in your home, please let us know and we can help save you some money! 

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What keeps all of us going? Outstanding levels of recovery via products we trust and love. Sunwarrior has a proven track record for producting delicious recovery products WE need as athletes. This company has proven themselves year.

Check out their Journal  HERE

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Gaia's Garden Cafe

Located in St. George, Utah this fully vegan cafe is a hidden gem! Everything is hand made and the coffee is completely delicious. If you have a very unique diet or love the vegan lifestyle, this place is for YOU!

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Tri Hard manufactures products to combat the negative effects of coming into frequent contact with chlorine from pools. Their products use a high concentration of Magnesium Chloride, which acts to create a protective layer around skin and hair that reduces the absorption of chlorine. 



TheMagic5 specializes in designing custom goggles that match the unique contour of your face. Their goggles are intended to be comfortable, avoid leaks, and not leave pressure marks around your eyes. 

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Blueseventy designs high quality swim products including: wetsuits, swimskins, thermal swimwear, triathlon apparel, training equipment and more. 

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